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Old 01-24-2017, 02:06 PM
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Default Charge Pressure Regulator???

Hello everyone.
Let me introduce myself a bit here. My name is Milan and I own a 2007 Alpina B7. This is my 6th personal BMW vehicle. Three of the previous 6 were 7 series. BMW has been my main car for over 20 years. With that said, I am not new to the brand and have had many many love and hate relationships with the car.
I try to do most of the work myself, but sometimes that is not always possible.

Currently my car has a bit of a problem that I would like to bring up here and hopefully bring it to conclusion.
In last few weeks, when driving and coasting, above 110km/h, if i let go of the gas, car would surge, buckle or hesitate, the higher the RPM's the more pronounced the above issue. If I put the car in manual mode and lower it to 4th or 3th gear, it becomes extremely pronounced, hesitation and jerking, like gas pedal is extremely sensitive and I cant keep it steady.
Interesting thing about all this is that car never threw a code. I kept checking in INPA, and nothing.
Until today, car stated fine in the morning, I drove it for an hour, (with the issue there), parked it for few hours, came back and i could not get it to pass over 3000 RPM's. It would buckle, loose power, gradually get it back, but nothing over 3k RPM's.
Also, I am "happy" to report that check engine light came on and INPA recorded " Charge pressure regulator P2563 Turbocharger Charge pressure control Positioning circuit " error.

I am wandering if this error points to supercharger throttle body,

Your input and suggestions are very much appreciated


charge pressure regulator, supercharger, throttle body

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