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Originally Posted by Scooter View Post
Taking this off topic a bit, but there's pluses and minuses to living where we do. For the most part most people in North America can't really complain because there are much worse places we could be living. With that said, it's always good to speak up because it will at least make the decision makers aware that you are paying attention.
Having just come back from 2 weeks in Europe I agree North America is a terrific place to live (not that Europe wasn't wonderful, it was).

However it isn't terrific because of our politicians, it is terrific despite them quite often. Thankfully here in Canada and the US our politicians haven't seen fit to intrude into our lives as much as they have in other countries on most issues. Just on driving issues it seems. It sure is fun to pass a police van at 170 km/h on the autobahn as I had the joy of doing 2 weeks ago!