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Default Getting the 15-year exemption reduced

For those Americans who aren't aware, up here the restriction on importing non-NAFTA vehicles is that they have to be 15 years old or more, while in the USA the cut-off is 25 years.

Over the Christmas break I took the time to write the Minister of Finance, as it is his department who regulates this exemption. I asked him to consider reducing this restriction down to 10 years.

Other Canadians who are so inclined should write Minister Flaherty as well. My appeal to him was based primarily on a 'freedom of choice' argument as this regime has shown itself to be somewhat inclined to less government interference in our daily lives than previous ones.

On a related note, Canadians will soon be able to import older vehicles from Mexico, with the age restriction dropping two years each year into the future. Did Alpina ever retail cars in Mexico in the late 1990s/early 2000s?