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Originally Posted by 39forever View Post
Something surprising I found on the official Alpina site. Evidently mine was the only b10 v8 sedan built in 1997. Since production of e39 based v8's started in 1997, I believe this car is the very first v8 sedan built. Explains the 0039#. One of One indeed!!
No, I don't think so. Any numbers before 0039 would have also been built in 1997. It may be the only '97 in Canada though.

There are a few other E39's around. There was one local to the Vancouver area for sale in the spring. I almost went to check it out, but I couldn't justify purchasing another car. There's one that's been for sale in Lions Bay for a while now, I think Velocity has one and there is another member on this forum that has an E39 Alpina as well (I believe also in the Vancouver area).

*Edit. I stand corrected, apparently #063 was imported into Canada in 2012 and it is a June 1997 build.

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