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Default B6 arrives in northern CA

Thanks to all who lended support. 7 months from ordering (to the day!), I took delivery of an Alpina Blue B6 in northern California. It's longer than I remembered - it HAS been 7 months - but beautiful. I have pics, but can't upload directly to this site ...

The all-season tires - an issue for me - ended up being Conti ExtremeContact DWS, which aren't "M&S" tires, but are well reviewed and likely will get me past CalTrans at a Tahoe checkpoint. (There aren't many, and they won't care.)

It is a BIG car, length and weight (almost 5,000 lbs!), but I'm falling in love. Smile My wife has an M4 for the times that is called for. I have a few road trips coming up: Tahoe next week; Monterey in May, and the Santa Barbara area 2x this summer. It's going to be a joy on the interstate. Things could be worse ...

I was a bit surprised to see that head room in the back is marginal (hadn't paid much attention to the issue). I wouldn't want to sit back there, regardless of legroom (my head brushes the Alcantara), but I'm 6' tall. Anyone under 5'10" would be ok. Wives in the back! Smile

I'm a bit disappointed in the seats. Yes, they adjust 750 ways, but they aren't as tight/structured as those in the M car. My back is my Achielle's heel. Still, it's a minor nit, and it's early days; I could change my mind.

iDrive 5.0 is an improvement over my wife's 2016 version. I don't have the touchscreen, but don't like 'em anyway. The new 5er has iDrive 6.0.

I've been in an SUV for 20 years, and it's nice to be in a proper sedan ...