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I'm glad you are enjoying the car and getting it out to events where others can see it as well. It's terrific that you got to meet Herr Bovensiepen!

I was fortunate to be able to add to the collection of event stickers on the underside of the trunk lid, which is a pretty neat record of the car's history. I still have the awards the B9 won at 2009 Euro Auto Fest, Octoberfest when it was held at Lake Lanier, just outside Atlanta, and Vintage at the Vineyards (back when it was actually held at a vineyard).

Please remind me where Harold is from. I recall Eric at EAG telling me that the car sold to a buyer in the midwest - was it Minnesota?

I'm pleased that you are enthusiastic about the car and are having fun with it. I knew when I got a wild hair and sold it, that I'd regret it! Amazing how the value of these old Alpinas has increased over the last couple of years. Shoot me an email off-line if you want to chat further about the car.