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B7 Turbo Coupe/1 #012
Was inspired to remove old one when checked Restored B7S by Alpina at legends in Monterey. It had same exhaust.
New exhaust dual 2.25 mandrel bends back to stock muffler
Warp drive! 
Going to be pulling it out this winter n have it inpsected n resealed whatever it needs. Not having any issues but @. 154k I'm sure it...
With spare set 17 closed lugs,  
Redone Original 16s only go on for shows
Pacific SharkFest display
SharkFest display
ON display Palo Alto concours
First shots
B7 in tow 5 
Arrival home
My B7 / 1 
First Day
Blackhawk Auto Museum 
Next to e34 BiTurbo and in back of M1
Blackhawk Museum Danvile ca
Palo Alto Concours
Palo Alto stage receiving Tiffany engraved plate
Gene B's shot from San Miguel Ca one lane bridge
arrival in tow
Bimmer shoot 011
Justins Palo Alto

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